The Essential Blend

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Like Davines, the masters at Caffe Vita are all about creating a sustainable and conscious product experience that taps every definition of good. As part of this ethos, we both hold our farmer suppliers in great esteem, whether they are cultivating coffee beans in Sumatra or caper blossoms in Italy. So please grind and savor this Essential Blend, as much for the taste as for the farming communities it supports.

This special blend created for Davines features notes of toasted almonds, caramel, smooth dark chocolate, and hints of bright strawberries. Roasted medium/dark from our vintage German machines; this balanced, bodacious coffee is a perfect way to jumpstart your day. The farms Caffe Vita has aligned with to create this beautiful blend are a great example of the definition of Farm Direct. We keep strong relationships with the growers, pickers, and millers at each country to ensure the quality is kept high and the premiums we provide go directly back to the farms.

Net Weight: 12oz. (340 g)